User agreements.

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General Terms of User Agreement:
  • Agent -, service of boost of the game accounts.
  • Client - Person, who contacts with agent for get boost service.
  • Agent’s website- Agent’s website hosted under the domain name
  • Game - Interactive online PC game.
  • Game account - Account where stored which all information about player and his progress in game.
  • Player - Person involved in the game process.
  • Booster - Verified performer playing in game and boost account.

Ordering and receiving of services:
  1. Customer must read user agreement and FAQ carefully.
  2. For place an order, client selects a product and places order on Agent’s website, fill required fields reliable information.
  3. Creating order on Agent’s website, client agrees User agreement.
  4. After creating an order, client makes payment at price listed on Agent’s website.
  5. Payment can be made via any of payment methods listed on the Agent’s website.
  6. Client undertakes not to create situations that prevent to completing the order.
  7. Client can personally control process of fulfilling the order.
  8. Agent guarantees completing order in a reasonable time. Usually, deadlines are listed on the Agent’s website.  Lead order time can be changed by consent of the Client and Agent.
  9. If Client ordered a service which account sharing, Сlient must provide personal data to access the account. Personal data may be transferred to boosters only for the completion of the order.
  10. Сlient agrees do not use game account at same time when order is executed without consent from Agent.
  11. If Agent does not executed Client order in time listed on the agent’s website, Client may demand a refund.

Special conditions:
  • Agent does not inspect the rules of the game and does not check the Client actions. Agent is only responsible for actions Booster on the client's account, but not for their result.
  • When Client creating order on Agent's website, he do so at your own risk. Executing order by Agent can result to serious consequences even ban game account.
  • By ordering any product on Agent's website, you agree to these rules and should be know about it.

Privacy policy.

Collection of personal information.
  • Website collects and stores customer information only for the completion of orders and informing our customers about policy changes and new discounts.
  • Using our website you agree to User agreements.

Usage of personal data.

We use your personal data only for:

  1. Informing about your order details.
  2. Improving quality of the service.
  3. Policy changes.
  4. New discount and hot offers.

Protection of your personal data.

To protect your personal data we use:

  1. Encrypting protocol (SSL) providing reliable protection of your data.
  2. All data of you credit card going through the PayPal payment system, they do not come to us, you enter data of your credit card only on website of the payment system PayPal.
  3. All data that you enter on our website is protected and encrypted in the database.
  4. Access to our database have only resource administrator.
  5. We never give personal data of our clients to third parties.

Deleting your personal Data:
  • You can always ask us to stop using your personal data.
  • For stopping use your personal data you need send email with a request about stop using you personal data.

Refund and disputes policy.

Refund police and procedure for resolving disputes.
  • If happened a dispute, client must contact with agent.
  • Сlient must provide all available information about created order and reason of dispute.
  • If Client can not resolve the dispute with help of an agent, client can ask Agent about refund or contact with support service of payment system.