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Buying 1-110 Power Leveling boost you will get:

  1. Achievements: (Level 10, Level 20, Level 30, Level 40, Level 50, Level 60, Level 70, Level 80, Level 85, Level 90, Level 100, Level 110, Level 120);
  2. Character leveling from 1 to 120;
  3. Completed quests, achievements, resources, reputation and more things;

Options description:

  • Fast mode - we complete power leveling for 12 hours or faster;
  • Stream - we provide you live stream translation on Twitch or on another straem host;

Lead time: from 12 hours;

ATTENTION: We offer this service for those who do not want to waste even a second to character leveling. Our boosters will start in same day when you make order. We can do it on quests or in dungeons, depends from what you choose. Also our booster can do it in specified time(when you sleep or leave to work, when you busy with everyday activities);

Requirements to character:

  • Account: Battle for Azeroth edition;
  • Do not login to your account during the boost;