Buy Queen Azshara boost

Buying Queen Azshara boost you will get:

  1. Part of achievement: The Circle of Stars;
  2. Feats of Strength: Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara, Cutting Edge: Queen AzsharaMythic: Queen Azshara - depends from selected difficulty;
  3. Running to The Eternal Palace raid with our boosters in selected difficulty;
  4. Kill Queen Azshara boss in The Eternal Palace raid in selected difficulty;
  5. A lot of Azerite;
  6. In Battle for Azeroth it is personal loot by default. So you have chance to get loot 415+ ilvl from normal mode, 430+ ilvl from heroic mode, 445+ ilvl from mythic mode;

Options description:

  • Self Play - you can play with our boosters for yourself;
  • Stream - we provide you live stream translation on Twitch or on another straem host;

Lead time: from two hours;

Requirements to character:

  • Character level: 120;
  • Item level requirements: no;
  • Do not login to your account during the boost;

Account Sharing or Self Play?

  • For the best security level, better choose Self Play option. It guarantees what Blizzard never know about purchased boost;
  • If you choose account sharing boost(Piloted), you need provide us only login and password from your account. We don't need your secret question and answer on this questions or password of your e-mail, so this rules makes impossible to steal your account and ofcourse we guarantee safety for your account;
  • For account sharing boost you need provide code for access to your account or just disable mode "Enter an authenticator code every time I type my credentials in a game client or the Blizzard desktop app.";
  • You can don't worry about safe your account, we already boosted a lot of accounts and we have lot of satisfied customers. You have a chance to become one of them;