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What is this website?

In what currency are the prices for products on this website?
  • All prices are in Euro.

Pricing policy.
  • Prices for all our goods and services are the lowest and actual for the boosting services market.
  • The price calculation for a product or a service is based on the complexity of the order, the number of people involved and time spent on the order execution.
  • Usually, we give a discount to our customers, if there is a reason for this. The reason may be a lower price in another site or you only need part of the product.
  • Also you can use coupons for discount. We provide 10% discount on birthday and 5% another for other holidays.

Product selecting process and how to pay for your order?
  1. Registering is not required.
  2. On each page in left side of our website you can see menu with product categories were placed our products.
  3. After finding interested product carefully read the product description and choose interested additional options of product and press “add to cart” button.
  4. When product will added to cart you need move to cart page where you need check product and options which you selected before moving to cart.
  5. If all right, you need move to checkout page and fill all required fields (please provide only reliable information) and choose payment method.
  6. Next you need make payment in payment system(usually our customers use PayPal), also we accept Skrill.
  7. After placed the order, we send you e-mail with detals your order.
  8. If payment was successful you will moved to order page with unique ID. Please save this page adress, there you can see order status.
  9. In 5-10 minuts one of our agents contact with you for details on your order.
  10. If our agent not contact with you please add us in skype (Support.ShadowBoost), discord (ShadowBoost#8061) or start chat on our website (you can see chat emblem in bottom left side our website), also you can send email to ([email protected]) with your order number and link on your order(which you save earlier).

What should I do after the order has been paid?
  • Check your e-mail, you are supposed to receive a message from us with the information you provided us with.
  • Contact with our agent for your order details. Or you can wait until our customer support agent will contact with you.

What are the possible consequences of using service of this website?
  • Using our service, you violate the BLIZZARD EULA (BLIZZARD END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT)
  • Blizzard may suspend or revoke your license or revoke items, achievements and any things what you buy in boost service.
  • Of course, we do everything for the security of your account. We use VPN (for sharing account service), on our website using SSL (for securing your data), and many other interesting things providing your security.
  • By purchasing any products on our site, you agree terms of User Agreement.

How long time it take to execute my order?
  • Usually for execute the order is required no more than 24 hours, but for each order need uniqu executing time.
  • On product page you can see information about lead time or ask our agents about lead time.

Can I continue with the “self play” option?
  • Some of our services are provided only with account sharing. If on product page you see option "Self Play", then you can play for your self.

Smart search of the services and products.
  • In search box at the top side on our website you can search any product by name (enter product name in this field to search) or search products by categories.
  • Type product, service, achievement or game item in search field and press enter to start search.
  • Also you can contact ro our agent for help.