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Hey! We are World of Warcraft boosting service! You recently started playing in World of Warcraft (WoW) or have you been playing for a long time or are you tired of the routine in the game? Then you came to the right place! In our service you can buy any Wow boost for your characters. Current add-on World of Warcraft (WoW) Battle for Azeroth (BFA). Now in game available many new dungeons and raids, new character level 120, allied race and much more. You can buy so much boosts for your character, that you don't have to do almost anything, we take all the routine work on our selves.

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BOOST WITH ShadowBoost

EXPERIENCE We have been working in a market of World of Warcraft since 2015 and we know how to make every customer happyful. Ordering from ShadowBoost you can be 100% sure, we will do your order or make a refund.
FAIR PRICE Due to the big amount of orders we are able to make the lowest prices on the market for most our services. You no need to find any other boosters as we complete any service professionally, for a fair price and a soon as possible.
GUARANTEED DELIVERY We have our own teams who fulfill all the orders. So we can guarantee quality and time of service delivery. All our boosters complete the orders only for our customers, we know how to do perfect boosts without delays.
ACCOUNT SAFETY We always use clean VPN for each our customer. It is like you are logged in from your friends. For all the service available live-stream for your comfort. We never give our info to random boosters as do other shops. allmost all of our services can be done without account sharing.


NEW SHOPS Every few months appear new shops which are selling similar services, but usually, they work few months and then disappear with your money. As a result, you don't get completed boost and lose money and time.
HUMAN INVOLVEMENT Other stores set-up a high price for goods and simply reorder services from other sites, which makes their services too expensive. Or they too much lower the price and complete boosts with bots or other banned exploit software. As a result, your account will be suspended.
SERVICE DELAY Other stores cannot provide you an estimated time when your boost can be started or completed. Therefore, you will have to wait a lot of time until start your boost, and at this time price will decline.
SCAM Has are a lot of scammers that offer good price for boost for too low price without any guarantee that your order will be completed. As a result, you can be deceived and not getting boosts you paid for.